Friday, May 21, 2010

Aloha Friday #1: Going Green

Aloha Friday is a day of taking it easy. For this reason I will only ask one question.

Today's question:

What is one thing you do that helps you to be more Green?

One thing is we recycle anything and everything that can be recycled. Right now I am trying to figure out a cool way to recycle magazines. I love love love reading magazines, but don't want to throw them away. Instead of throwing them in a recycle bin I am trying to figure out some fun crafts that can be used with the paper.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Why this blog came to be

My youngest daughter is a life science enthusiast. Her dream is to become a Marine Biologist and has many many books on the subject.

On Earth Day 2010 I took her to see Disney's Oceans. When I left the theater one scene stuck with me. In this scene you see murky green water with trash and objects at the bottom. A seal comes into the scene swimming in this murky water trying to see what to do with a grocery cart.

A grocery cart? I couldn't believe a grocery cart had made it into the ocean.

Chick 2 (my oldest daughter's name in the blogging world) and I got to thinking. Our plan is to help educate people on the effects that pollution is having on our Earth. We only get one and with the way we are going our home won't be much of a home.

We also have a plan in the works to raise money for the WWF (World Wildlife Fun). All money will be donated to this organization. Chick 2 and I are very excited for this and hope others will be as well!